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fast + vast 3D drone surveys -

UAV mapping, photogrammetry.

We are a 3D capturing & and surveying agency with a primary focus on 3D LiDAR terrestrial and aerial scanning. 
We operate in Cyprus, Greece and the UK.

We offer a wide spectrum of point cloud-related outputs such as 2D documentation, 3D models, and Building Information Models (BIM/HBIM). 

Our services are suitable for architecture and heritage, industrial sites, offshore installations, vessels, and large-scale urban regeneration projects. (1).gif

3D Aerial surveys

Urban and land rapid UAV 3D captures.

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Heritage archives

Ideal for high fidelity 3D textured models of the existing conditions in heritage and cultural heritage  sites and buildings.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 212113_edited.jpg

accuracy & precision

○ Accurate measurements of objects and environments.


○ Ideal for applications where precise measurements are save time and cost.


safety / accessibility

○ Highly detailed and textured 3D models of  environments and sites.


○ Easy data visualization and drawing creation.


cost / time efficiency

○ Quick and efficient captures.

○ Short post-processing durations allow fast transmission of needed data.


versatility and scalability

○ Applicable across many different industries.


○ A valuable tool for a variety of projects and processes.

UAV scanning benefits


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Holy Cross church, Tochni
3D UAV Survey

Limassol Urban captures,
3D UAV Survey

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Nicosia, Cyprus / Athens, Greece

+357 99 927768 _ Demetris Ktorides

+357 99 284779 _ Evripides Mytilineos

London, United Kingdom

+44 7 848 890 388 _ Myy Tran

+44 7 463 900 077 _ Mert Ozbolat

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