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a rapid-workflow reality capture and VR studio.

We are a 3D capturing and surveying studio with a primary focus on 3D LiDAR terrestrial and aerial scanning. 
We are based in Cyprus, Greece, and the UK; and can operate internationally.

We offer a wide spectrum of point cloud-related outputs such as 2D documentation, 3D models, and Building Information Models (BIM/HBIM). 

Our services are suitable for architecture and heritage, industrial sites, offshore installations, vessels, large-scale urban regeneration projects, and the gaming industry.

Our  core team's background in architectural education provides an additional vantage point to view the process of 3D scanning and the captured sites, situations, and landscapes. We aim to explore the expression of real life in the digital point cloud form. We strongly believe that this emerging medium has a lot to offer as a medium of cultural expression through its forensic capturing of what is real in the digital.

We are interested in pushing the boundaries of lidar technology through experimental scanning, examinations, experimentations, teasing, and digital translations

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Architecture +


Urban +

gaming + 
digital arts


Heritatge +

maritime +

forensics + 


Nicosia, Cyprus

London, UK

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Nicosia, Cyprus / Athens, Greece

+357 99 927768 _ Demetris Ktorides

+357 99 284779 _ Evripides Mytilineos

London, United Kingdom

+44 7 848 890 388 _ Myy Tran

+44 7 463 900 077 _ Mert Ozbolat

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