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We are a 3D capturing & surveying agency with a primary focus on 3D LiDAR terrestrial and aerial scanning. 
We operate in Cyprus, Greece and the UK.

We offer a wide spectrum of point cloud-related outputs such as 2D documentation, 3D models, and Building Information Models (BIM/HBIM). 

Our services are suitable for architecture and heritage, industrial sites, offshore installations, vessels, and large-scale urban regeneration projects.

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3D laser scanning can be utilised to capture large urban areas. The point cloud information can be further use to support your planning and design needs. Our products include 2D or 3D topographical surveys, GEO-informatics, 3D modelling for Rights of Light analysis and 2D or 3D models for the production of contextual elevations and GIS.

architecture & construction

We offer a range of building measurement services. Utilising highly accurate 3D point cloud information as a base we can produce a diverse range of products including Building Information Models (BIM), 3D CAD models, 2D floor plans, sections and elevations. Point clouds and panoramic images can also be specified as deliverables.

urban & agriculture

We provide highly accurate documentation for the heritage sites. As well as 2D or 3D CAD deliverables we can also supply a range of photographic or scan-based products from panoramic imagery, virtual tours and walkthroughs to high-resolution orthoimages.

offshore & industrial

We produce as-built surveys and clash detection analysis for a range of industrial applications like power stations to oil installations. Utilising point cloud data as a basis, we can provide a bespoke product to suit your particular need. Whether it is 3D CAD based (DWG, DGN etc.) or intelligent PDMS databases and models, our team will elaborate with you to provide a solution to your unique requirements.

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