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fast + vast 3D drone surveys -

fast + vast 3D drone surveys -



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Our gardens project is about generating an interdisciplinary area where along with other creatives we can explore and create new areas of intimate work.

This year our first garden project will showcase creative and constructive applications of 3D scanning technology in the fields of architecture and art, and will take place at the sidecar cafe - hotel elephant, in June 2024 as part of the London Festival of Architecture. 

The garden grows from the LFA’s 2024 theme ‘Reimagine’. As a figurative garden, the exhibition seeks to emphasize the need for cyclical change, recurring reflection, repairing, and rebuilding through projects that are seeded by digital twins of real-world objects, buildings, and spaces.

And, as with gardening, a lot of patience is needed, and having many kinds of gardeners is essential for the creation of a nourished and diverse environment for us all.

Hence, by presenting works of the forerunners of the technology, and offering free usage of the equipment to those who currently do not have access to it, the exhibition hopes to make 3D scanning more familiar to the wider public and encourage further adaptation and positive exploitation of its capabilities.

The exhibition features projects by visual artist Christina Cushing, interdisciplinary artist Fran Hayes, graphic designer and illustrator Martina Latini, and others.


Sidecar cafe - Hotel Elephant, London

Opening night:

SAT 22.6.24   16:00 - 20:00

Opening hours:
MON 24.6 - FRI 28.6.24  16:00 - 19:00

Meet the Artists

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Nicosia, Cyprus / Athens, Greece

+357 99 927768 _ Demetris Ktorides

+357 99 284779 _ Evripides Mytilineos

London, United Kingdom

+44 7 848 890 388 _ Myy Tran

+44 7 463 900 077 _ Mert Ozbolat

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