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Laser Scanning Workshop - Bartlett School of Architecture, 2018

Unprocessed images from the attendance of a two-part training on 3D laser scanning at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, by Bernadette Devilat. The scan was achieved using a FARO laser scanner and was later extracted using agisoft's software. To capture the space accurately - achieving tolerances of less than 1mm - geometric spheres were installed on-site to act as referencing marks which assist the stitching process of the software. 

The point-cloud was made using only two capturing positions on the top floor of the School. As the scanner scatters its laser beam across space, metallic surfaces and reflective surfaces become problematic as they trick the laser to construct space within the reflected world, as seen above. The glitches can be fixed in post-production. 

Year: FEB, 2018
Type: Laser Scanning
Dimensions: width 12m x distance 8m x height 8m
Output: Xyz point cloud, video animation. ® 2023

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